Aiden Shade

Aiden Shade
2022 AMVETS Post 176 Scholarship Winner is presented his scholarship by First Vice Commander, Bryan A. McGown, Gunnery Sergeant, U.S. Marine Corps Retired at Copley-Fairlawn High School on May 19, 2022!

Picture of John Francis Liggett, U.S. Army, Korean War Era

John Francis Liggett
U.S. Army Veteran
Korean War
Grandfather of Aiden Shade














This is Aiden’s letter explaining his motivation for continuing his education at Tiffin University!

We wish him much success!

Hello, my name is Aiden Shade. I grew up living with my grandparents, Nancy and
Tony Monday since I was 2 years old in the small town of Lagrange, Ohio.
It was not easy for them and they sacrificed a lot for me and I will be forever
In 2012, my grandparents and I moved to Copley, Ohio, where we are still living
today. It was hard at first, but I made new friends. My very best friend is Nathan
Cotter, we grew up together ever since I moved to Copley.
Over the years, we grew closer and closer to each other, we did everything
together from vacations, to writing the school journal together and so much more.
But then one day during my Junior year, Nathan passed away. It was suicide that
no one had seen coming. At the beginning I blamed myself, I always thought, “I
should have seen the signs” or “I should have been there for him.” But later on I
realized that it was not my fault, and it was not his fault either, there is not enough
Mental Health education in schools for kids and it’s not easy to find someone to
reach out to, the Suicide Hotline alone just isn’t enough.
Nathan’s passing helped me realize what I want to do with my life, and made me
realize that I want to help people. I want to make a change. Nathan is the reason I
am studying Psychology now, and Majoring in Psychology with a minor in
Behavioral Analysis, he is the reason I want to have a career in Mental Health.
Without Nate, my career path would not have been so clear, I know this is what I
am meant to do with my life.
Aiden Shade