Ashley Ellis

2022 AMVETS Post 176 Ladies Auxiliary Scholarship Recipient

Ashley Elizabeth Ellis – 2022 Revere High School Graduate and AMVETS Auxiliary Scholarship Recipient

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Grave Marker of Specialist 4 US Army Veteran Edward Lincoln Eisaman

Grave Marker of Specialist 4 US Army Veteran Edward Lincoln Eisaman – Grandfather

Picture of Specialist 4 US Army Veteran Edward Lincoln Eisaman

Specialist 4 US Army Veteran Edward Lincoln Eisaman
– Grandfather

Grave Marker of U.S. Army Sergeant, Andrew Ellis

Grave Marker of U.S. Army Sergeant, Andrew Ellis – GrandfatherPicture of U.S. Army Sergeant, Andrew Ellis - Grandfather

U. S. Army Sergeant, Andrew Ellis – Grandfather

Below is Ashley’s essay explaining her motivation for continuing her education at Kent State University!

We wish her much success!

Throughout my four years of high school, I have played softball on my high school team. Along with my team involvement, I am also a member of the National Art Honors Society and have participated in the set construction for the school plays. Outside of my school activities, I have also volunteered around my community. For the past five years, I have volunteered for over a total of 180 hours at my local Safety Town. Additionally, I also volunteer at Richfield Elementary School, assisting the art teacher, main office, during school events, and for the Revere Baseball Softball Association teaching young children the basics of baseball and softball. In regards to my work experience, I have been working as a cashier at Acme since July of 2021 and have accumulated over 485 hours at the job so far.

As for college, I have been accepted to Kent State University for the Fall 2022 semester. I am planning on studying and completing a double major in Spanish and Criminology. I hope to find a career in which I can travel while also giving back to my community. During my high school career, I discovered that I enjoy learning foreign languages and the opportunities that they could present for my career and other aspects of my life. The skills and lessons I have learned about the culture and communicating with people from different cultures have shaped the way that I want to pursue my career because I now want to focus on a job involving helping a wide range of people. Learning about how other cultures interact and the customs that they carry has changed my perspective on how I wish to approach my career because I realized the importance of being able to communicate with many variations of people. For these reasons, integrating the Spanish language with my Criminal Justice major is also something that I am excited to explore. More specifically, I wish to use my dual major in order to pursue a career in which I can travel frequently so that I can help others through the legal system and in many areas of the country.

Coupled with my Spanish major, my career will have a heavy emphasis on law. I gained a passion for law from going growing up with a parent in law enforcement. Although I do not want to pursue law enforcement specifically, I still want to explore careers in law. With those passions that I have, I also plan to continue a path of service to others. I feel that putting others first is a quality that shows humility and strength at the same time. Service to others also adds value not only to my life, but to those around me. I would like to think that the service that I have done thus far in my young life has inspired others to serve as well.

One significant event that has impacted my life in recent years has been the death of my grandfather. In February of 2019, he was diagnosed with cancer, which shocked everyone in my family. Due to this diagnosis; however, I had the opportunity to spend time with him by visiting every weekend to help with whatever he or my grandma needed. Later in the year in October, he insisted on taking me to drive since I had received my learners permit. This alone felt terrifying, but the added stress of his current physical condition did not ease my worries. At this point in his fight with cancer, his health was rapidly declining, However, before he died, we shared an experience that inspired and undeniable change in my life.