Paige Ellis

2022 AMVETS Post 176 Ladies Auxiliary Scholarship Recipient

Paige Nichole Ellis

Paige Nichole Ellis – 2022 Revere High School Graduate and AMVETS Auxiliary Scholarship Recipient

Grave Marker of Specialist 4 US Army Veteran Edward Lincoln Eisaman

Grave Marker of Specialist 4 US Army Veteran Edward Lincoln Eisaman – Grandfather

Picture of Specialist 4 US Army Veteran Edward Lincoln Eisaman

Specialist 4 US Army Veteran Edward Lincoln Eisaman – Grandfather

Grave Marker of U.S. Army Sergeant, Andrew Ellis

Grave Marker for U. S. Army Sergeant, Andrew Ellis – Grandfather

Picture of U.S. Army Sergeant, Andrew Ellis - Grandfather

U.S. Army Sergeant, Andrew Ellis – Grandfather

Below is Paige’s essay explaining her motivation for continuing her education at Kent State University!

We wish her much success!

In high school I have experienced many things that have shaped me into the person that I am today. In my time within the school, I have participated in four years in the softball program and have taken multiple art classes. Those two activities have been the main factors in my great. Friendships and improvement of skills. More specifically in the art field, I have been a part of the Art Club, done AP Drawing and Design, built the sets for plays and musicals, and became a member of the National Art Honors Society. In the sixth grade, I began volunteering at Safety Town and have returned every year since then; even achieving the role of Craft Director in the most recent year. Along with Safety Town, I have volunteered at the Richfield Food Pantry, Richfield Elementary, and Blast Ball. In addition to my volunteer work, I started working at Acme Fresh Market in Montrose in August of 2021, where I currently work as a personal shopper and cashier.

In the middle of my sophomore year, my grandpa was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer. This proved to be a major obstacle in my life, as my grandpa was a large presence in my life. He was the Grandparent that I was always closest to. So, when it was announced that he had cancer and not much time left, I felt lost. It was the first time that someone so close to me got diagnosed with something at that level. However — as time passed, and I spent more time with him, and began to help with his care. I would spend every weekend helping my Grandmother clean the house and other chores. I would also go with my mother and my sibling on small trips to local stores with my Grandfather that he seemed to really enjoy. I know  that some of his favorite things to eat when we went out were mozzarella sticks and M&M’s. While that may seem like a trivial memory, it is still something that puts a smile on my face. I would put in the effort to smile and express my humor whenever with my Grandpa because it is what helped him and made him happy. I showed my optimistic outlook even when things were not adding up to the best circumstances. He also was a big figure when it came to my sporting events and my art.  He always took such a big interest in every game. He seemed to know my stats inside and out, and no matter if they were favorable or not. My Grandfather also loved to see all my favorite creations that I was working on in my art classes. When the time came to say goodbye to my grandpa, I knew that I was going to choose to continue to carry on in his memory with my humor because he loved to joke around whenever the chance came. While this was such an overwhelming obstacle to overcome, I feel like I have learned so many valuable lessons with his illness and passing. I know that spending quality time in the present, with the people that you love, is paramount. I learned that putting forth your best effort in everything you do is very important. Also, making the best out of any situation, including the unexpected and sad ones, is a quality that will carry you through life so much easier.

In the summer, I will continue my education at Kent State University, pursuing a degree in Education.
I looked at many schools when it came to apply for college. Kent State University had the whole package of what I was looking for. It is still close to home, and they have a vast variety of Education programs. It is also in an area that is rich in local history, but also renewed with all of the new buildings and businesses in the downtown area. While I have not completely decided what my focus will be, I plan to explore Math and History. Both subjects have always been a passion of mine and I feel that passion would overflow into the classroom. I have acquired a love for the possibilities that I can accomplish as a teacher, inspiring the upcoming generations to achieve their full potential.