CSAF Private Pilot Scholarship Program changing face of US aviation

In 2018, almost half of all newly licensed female pilots between the ages of 17 and 19 were graduates of the Air Force Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps Flight Academy. This year, 150 cadets each received a scholarship from the Chief of Staff of the Air Force Scholarship Program to attend one of 11 universities across the country for an intensive eight-week program, and 45% of the class was female or minority.

Air Force Junior ROTC cadets at Southeastern University, Lakeland, Florida, study hard through the eight-week Air Force JROTC Flight Academy program for the chance to earn their private pilot certification.  The Air Force Junior ROTC Flight Academy’s mission is to increase the luster of aviation by getting teens excited about aviation, and to increase diversity in the aviation community.  Air Force Junior ROTC is one of the most diverse education programs in the Air Force, with 125,000 cadets at almost 880 units worldwide.

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