VCSAF meets with accelerators of change in Boston

Air Force Vice Chief of Staff Gen. David Allvin arrived at Logan International Airport on Monday and stepped off the aircraft with an extra sense of urgency. His flight wasn’t late, nor was he running behind schedule for his meeting in downtown Boston. Allvin’s deliberate stride was appropriate to the stark reality the Air Force faces — the pacing threat China poses to U.S. national defense.
First Lt. Maurice Morrell, Command and Control Incident Management and Emergency Response deputy program manager, Air Force Life Cycle Management Center Detachment 12, provides a demonstration to Air Force Vice Chief of Staff Gen. David W. Allvin during a tour of the Det. 12, Kessel Run, headquarters in Boston, March 8, 2021, while Col. Brian Beachkofski, Det. 12 commander, looks on. (U.S. Air Force photo by Todd Maki)

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